Saturday, August 23, 2014

Do you know what is the meaning of poke in Facebook?

Welcome back, you know nowadays Facebook is a biggest social network in the world. It’s going as it is a part of our life. So all of us want to know about Facebook seriously. There are many parts of Facebook and there’s use is variable.
So, today I want to say about the use of “poke”. Many of us think that it is a simple menu for us. But you feel surprised when read my full article about poke. Here you can know deep knowledge about “poke”.
First know general thinking about “poke”- you means when 1 person poke you, he or she want to disturb you/or play with you.

Mainly the feature of poke is using for attract a person. It’s means that when a person poke you he or she want to attract you. On the other hand if you want to see any Facebook user’s profile or page that are possible for you. But when he setting his information for only him by privacy setting-you can’t see these things. When you want to see that’s people information I suggest you to poke him or her. >If he poke back you that’s your chance – now you can see his information for 3 days. Remember you can know his information for only “3 days”.
I think- now you have known a lot of things about poke and obviously the main use of poke in Facebook .
Thanks for stay with me and read about my post- “Do you know what is the meaning of poke in Facebook?”


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